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Hello Conservation Partners!

It is me, Teresa Matteson, secretary of the Oregon Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

Usually around this time of year, the OR SWCS hosts our annual meeting with a tour to some project in the state. Due to COVID, this year we will create a virtual tour to share a variety of Oregon conservation stories.

If you have a story to share that features a project or educational theme in your area, please email me a brief description of the project/story/article and/or the link to the video/story on your website. A photo with caption would be most excellent, too. Also include contact name and email address.

We are open to all your creative ways of sharing, so don’t feel restrained by our suggestions.

In summary, to share your stories through OR SWCS, please email the following items to

  • Brief description of project/story
  • Story (Word, pdf or PowerPoint) with photos OR video OR link to an article, PowerPoint, or video on your website.
  • Photo with caption (optional but very cool) for the OR SWCS landing page
  • Your contact name and email address

The deadline to submit content in time for the Annual Meeting is Dec 7th. We will continue to add items that are received after that date. There is no deadline for telling Oregon’s conservation stories.

Visit the OR SWCS webpage to tour the stories that have been shared!

Thanks for your input and participation as we battle COVID and keep the Oregon conservation network alive.

Teresa Matteson


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