Burnt River SWCD

Sinker Creek spring






Burnt River SWCD

Sinker Creek aluminum trough







Sinker Creek troughs







Creek Water Line Project – Large OWEB Grant #217-5007
The establishment of this off-channel watering system provides the only livestock water in the large east pasture of BLM’s Cave Creek allotment, effectively distributing livestock across 2,273 acres of rangeland, as well as allowing the use of this pasture during  fall grazing months when perennial streams have gone dry. Using 5,035 feet of 2” HDPE pipe, the BLM used a cat ripper to replace the antiquated pipeline from the springs on site to five separate trough locations. Once the pipeline was installed in its entirety, the permittees of the Cave Creek allotment installed new 4×10 aluminum troughs at four of the five locations (one existing trough remained as part of the project). The new troughs were placed on railroad ties, anchored with T-posts, and tied together with barbless wire. The troughs were also equipped with float systems and wildlife escape ramps. This off-channel watering system will encourage livestock to distribute across the landscape, improving grazing management and rangeland health throughout this vast piece of land within the Burnt River SWCD.

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