Alley Cropping

The history of the Oregon Chapter (OSWCS) is somewhat unclear. We do know that in 1966 there were Chapter By-Laws. The best history we can derive comes from our long-standing President Russ Hatz who joined the OSWCS in 1984 at a time when the Chapter was quite active. Russ was elected president in 2007, and he remained Chapter president until 2014 when he retired. During Russ’s time the Chapter sponsored a number of workshops and events.

• In 2010 at the St. Louis National SWCS meeting we showcased “Comparing Three Case Studies in Nutrient Trading.”

• In 2011 we sponsored an SWCS regional workshop: Protecting Natural Resources with Conservation Buffers.

• In 2012 and 2013 we co-sponsored (with the Benton SWCD) two SWCS regional workshops on soil quality.

• In 2014 we sponsored a SWCS regional workshop on agroforestry.

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