Eagle Valley SWCD

Eagle Valley SWCD

Eagle Creek Irrigation







Eagle Valley pivot line






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Eagle Creek Irrigation Project – Large OWEB Grant #220-5015

This irrigation project in the Eagle Valley SWCD partnered with NRCS to install one subsurface drip system, one 6-tower pivot, and two wheel lines, effectively converting 191 acres between two individual
landowners to a more efficient irrigation system. Before project install, irrigation water for these properties was diverted from Eagle Creek, a native fish-bearing stream, to an earthen ditch to be distributed via flood irrigation; tailwater runoff would return to the same system, carrying excess sediment, nutrients, debris and organic matter a short half mile before entering the Powder River and Brownlee Reservoir, further impacting water quality concerns in the watershed.
One powered, self-cleaning, screened headbox was installed in the ditch to provide gravity pressurized water to 2,100 feet of 12 inch mainline, 1,560 feet of 8 inch mainline, and 3,420 feet of 6 inch mainline that conveys water to the sprinkler and center pivot systems as well as the subsurface drip system. One 1,000 foot and one 640 foot wheel line were installed in the north and south west corners of the project site to irrigate acres that the pivot will not reach. Fourteen culvert crossings were installed and one power drop was completed as part of the project, as well as 1,700 feet of cable in conduit to provide power from an existing line. The completion of this irrigation system will provide an estimated water savings of 1.1 CFS, benefitting aquatic species and habitat in Eagle Creek while also eliminating irrigation tailwater from entering the Powder River Watershed.

For more information on Eagle Valley SWCD work:
Whitney M Collins, Baker County SWCD’s Districts Manager
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